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Radiant Elegance Lace Beaded Mesh Slit Prom Dress 32679

Radiant Elegance Lace Beaded Mesh Slit Prom Dress 32679

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Step into a world of radiant elegance with our lace beaded mesh slit prom dress! Are you in search of a dress that combines intricate detailing, ethereal beauty, and a touch of allure? Look no further, as we present a mesmerizing style that will make you shine like a star on your prom night.

Our prom dress features a breathtaking combination of delicate lace, shimmering beadwork, and sheer mesh fabric. The lace bodice is meticulously adorned with intricate beading, creating a dazzling display of opulence and sophistication. The sheer mesh fabric adds a touch of ethereal beauty and creates an alluring effect as it reveals glimpses of skin.



Actual colors may vary slightly from those shown in the pictures due to various factors such as computer screen brightness or lighting levels.

Also, there may be some differences in the color of the same prom dress between different production batches, which is unavoidable because there are many small elements that affect the final color.

Receive custom services, including exclusive designs and private labels, etc.

We have been dedicated to providing our bespoke services to brands, independent designers and retailers and even wholesalers all over the world. They are all happy to get unique designs to help their sales, and this demand is increasing rapidly.

Please use our size chart and measurements to view the images below to better assist you in choosing the desired wholesale prom dress size for your boutique/client. You can visit our website and Facebook to choose more designs you like!

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